Alpine routes: Reiteralm meadow and Gasselhöh Cabin

This route is very short, but it leads to such amazing views that you completely lose yourself in time.




The route begins at Gasselhöh Cabin which is found at an elevation of 1728. Within the very first steeps you end up at the tiny lake, Spiegelsee, in which the reflections of the mountain peaks are clearly visible (German. Spiegel – mirror).


Our walk

It’s possible to get to the start of the route and the cabin by taking the Preunegg-Jet cable car or by going along the path (more information under Getting There»). Along the path in the early morning (before it gets too warm) it’s possible to meet the impressive-looking local inhabitants. After lunch when it’s hot, they all clump together in the shade of the trees.






The parking next to the cabin is the last place it’s possible to reach by car, since there really isn’t anywhere higher that you can travel to. People get changed here into hiking clothes to prepare for their walk.




The lake is really tiny – you can walk all the way around it in five minutes, but for any one of its shores you can catch sight of its impressive views.








The whole route is a path leading upwards 284 metres, which is the top of the mountain. Its length is just over 4 KM, there and back. Tourists have two options – either scramble straight up, which is the shorter route, or if you fancy a lighter ascent, you can go slightly via Panoramaweg (Panorama Way). At any rate, when you’re going along the route and you see the Panoramaweg (or Panoramablick) sign, then going there is a must – it’s so beautiful there.




The good thing about the longer, panoramic way is that for every second you are there you are accompanied by a charmingly quaint view of the Hoher Dachstein massif and the other mountains surrounding it. We decided to go along this path because we did’t want to reach the summit as quickly as possible but to enjoy the walk itself. Incidentally, we can’t really say which route would be faster for you, since our not longer so light son was on our backs the whole time.






Half way along the path is a swing. Make sure you give it a go. There’s nothing comparable to rocking backwards and forwards, swinging your legs and looking into the distance at the summits of the mountains.




Next to it there is a panoramic photo which reveals the landscape with captions of the peaks.




Just a little more along the path and we’re at the top. The surrounding panorama which you can see from the top almost takes your breath away. A glance in any direction reveals such indescribably impressive views and time just seems to stand still. Anyone who’s interested can take their walk one step further by going up onto the next hill, but we didn’t do that personally.








In Winter, it’s an alpine skiing resort, and during warmer seasons, a unique place for hiking. After we ran around and rested a little at the top, we went back down to the lake and the cabin.










There it’s possible to order a variety of homemade dishes and fresh alpine yoghurt. There’s also a playground on-site.

Reiteralm (Rider’s meadow) belongs undoubtedly to the treasure trove of our favourite routes and is one the most picturesque.



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Gasselhöh Hütte
Reiteralmstraße 52
A-8973 Pichl / Preunegg
Tel: +43 (0) 664 4513435

A description of the route can be found on one of the numerous hiking webpages available:»

The Preunegg-Jet cable car works during the summer on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:45 AM to 5 PM. Its opening times differ between winter and summer. It’s possible to find more detailed information on the cable car’s page on the Ski amadé ski region’s site:»


Getting there

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On foot, the ascent takes a long time because the way up can’t easily be made out when you get higher up. It’s worth noting that if you’re going by car then there’s a small booth about halfway up where you’ll have to pay to drive the rest of the way. It costs €3.50 per person, but since our eyes were wide with surprise at the sight of the little outpost, and the local attendant quickly worked out that we were local, he gave us a discount of €0.50 each.

Travelling by car along Ennstal Bundesstraße, you’ll reach the settlement of Pichl and then continuing through Preuneggstraße you’ll get to the Preunegg-Jet cable car.
It’s possible to keep going up with the cable car itself (on Tuesdays and Fridays) or by driving on along Reiteralmstraße to the cabins: Eiskarhütte, Reiteralmhütte and at the very top — Gasselhöh-Hütte.


Gasselhöh-Hütte on the map: