Freizeit Arena Sölden. Fun for all the family

When we were planning our first trip to a ski resort with our son, my husband wasn’t just thinking about the presence of snow and slopes but also about having fun with our one-year old. In Sölden, which is where we decided to go in the end, there weren’t just children’s play areas but there was also a great place for the whole family to kick back and relax, the Freizeit Arena Sölden, an entertainment complex.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


It’s relatively easy to plan recreational activities with kids in Austria since there’s always something for little travellers to do along with the adults.


About the arena

Austrians pay an enormous amount of attention to children, which can be seen in the huge diversity of children’s play areas, parks, sources of entertainment, children’s swimming pools, ice rinks as well as endless amounts of other activities, and this place was by no means an exception.

The Arena has both adults’ and children’s swimming pools (even for the younges children), jacuzzis, a wave pool, a tidal pool, a sauna, steam room, solarium and winter garden with sun decks. What’s more, the complex also includes halls for football, tennis, bowling, a gym and an ice rink. Regardless of how old your child is, you’ll always find something for them to do here.

The ground floor contains the information centre where you can find out about recreation in Sölden as well as in the Ötztal at any time of year.
Here you can find various brochures on a whole variety of recreational activities and locations where you can happily spend time.



The entrance to the swimming pool was included in the price of staying there (which is what many hotels and guest houses in Sölden do) so we got the ticket for free.


The lockers are locked with a key, which is worn around the wrist like a bracelet. There are showers, changing rooms, hair dryers and basically everything else required to help you relax.
The first place we went to was the kids’ pool.




Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


Our son, who loves water and everything associated with it, was absolutely delighted. The water comes up to just below a one-year old’s knees. The temperature in the pool is 32°C and a great thing about the water is it doesn’t contain any chlorine.

Next to the pool is a children’s play area with brainteasers and interactive games.



After splashing around in the kids’ pool we made our way over to the adults’ one. Here, the temperature was 30°C.
The pool is divided into areas with different currents which alternate every five to ten minutes. Everyone in the pool, as a rule, goes from one attraction to the other. When the whirlpool is activated, everyone swims over so that the current pulls them round in a circle and when it’s the jacuzzi’s turn, everyone rushes over there to lie back and unwind on the massaging bubbles.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


One of the attractions is a waterfall which flows out from the yellow rocks (see photo) forming a watery curtain next to the entrance into the grotto.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


All around, everything is so nicely decorated and shaped like outdoor objects (caves, houses, bridges) that you forget after a while that you’re actually inside.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


The above-mentioned whirlpool starts under the bridge. The water is so strong that is quite literally knocks you off your feet. It’s fastest around the edge of the whirlpool, so that if you’re inside it then it’s not easy to swim out again – you’ll be pulled back.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


On cold, wintery days when it’s bright out you can lie on the sun deck.






Here there’s a solarium and sauna. The price for the sauna isn’t included in the price of the entrance tickets – it costs extra.






This complex is an excellent choice for a fun family evening out, in my opinion. When we came to the pool around six pm there weren’t many people there. What’s more, after a day of skiing, or even just being outside in the cold air (which was the case with our son and me) it’s great to relax in this kind of place.



Freizeit Arena GmbH
Gemeindestrasse 4
6450 Sölden

T: +43 (0) 5254 2514
F: +43 (0) 5254 251425



Opening times

The complex is open every day from 11 am to 9 pm (on the 24th and 31st of December from 11 am to 6 pm).
From June to September the sauna is open from 2 pm.



The entrance is €11 for adults and €6 for children (children under six go free). What’s more, there are various different options for families with one or more children, a six-day and ten-day card and an evening card, with which entrance cost €9.
You can see all of the different ticket options on the Arena’s website»


Getting there

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