Gruyères, both a traditional cheese and a historic region

The name Gruyères is synonymous with the historic Swiss region in the Canton of Fribourg, its village namesake, from which it originates, the ancient castle as well as the well-known Swiss cheese.


Грюйер / Gruyère / Gruyères


We weren’t originally planning on visiting the cheese makers and the village, but after we got hold of a caquelon (fondue pot), we felt compelled to get some fondue cheese. Since Gruyères cheese is one of the fundamental ingredients of this traditional Swiss dish, we decided to check out the village and the cheese factory.

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Chillon Castle. Switzerland

On a particularly warm and sunny day during our winter holidays we decided to travel along the shores of Lake Geneva and visit the small, lakeside towns. When we started to get closer to the town of Montreux we noticed a signpost to an ancient castle and decided to change our route. As it turned out, it was well worth it.


Chillon Castle / Switzerland


Chillon Castle (fr. Château de Chillon) is located in Switzerland on the banks of Lake Geneva in the town of Veytaux, in the French-speaking Canton of Vaud.

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