Over the Alps by balloon

The Alps… so beautiful and picturesque. We’re more used to admiring their beauty from below. But what about looking at them from above?
Well, not just look at them, but go on an unforgettable journey to a height of more than three thousand metres!


airballoons heißluftballon


I invite you to join me on a fascinating journey above them by hot air balloon.

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Gruyères, both a traditional cheese and a historic region

The name Gruyères is synonymous with the historic Swiss region in the Canton of Fribourg, its village namesake, from which it originates, the ancient castle as well as the well-known Swiss cheese.


Грюйер / Gruyère / Gruyères


We weren’t originally planning on visiting the cheese makers and the village, but after we got hold of a caquelon (fondue pot), we felt compelled to get some fondue cheese. Since Gruyères cheese is one of the fundamental ingredients of this traditional Swiss dish, we decided to check out the village and the cheese factory.

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Freizeit Arena Sölden. Fun for all the family

When we were planning our first trip to a ski resort with our son, my husband wasn’t just thinking about the presence of snow and slopes but also about having fun with our one-year old. In Sölden, which is where we decided to go in the end, there weren’t just children’s play areas but there was also a great place for the whole family to kick back and relax, the Freizeit Arena Sölden, an entertainment complex.


Photo/Фото: Freizeit Arena Sölden / Фрайцайт Арена Зёльден


It’s relatively easy to plan recreational activities with kids in Austria since there’s always something for little travellers to do along with the adults.

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