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The land of majestic mountains and picturesque lakes. Peaceful, historic Alpine villages and towns. The places where boundary between the past and present becomes blurred... Austria. It may seem small on a map, but it's home to so many secrets. This site is dedicated to my view on life in this great country, the view of someone with boundless curiosity and lover of the outdoors. Here you can find my photographs and impressions as well as my personal experiences, reviews and recommendations in a variety of different areas. This site will also however information on different countries and cities.


That unique and unforgettable of structures, castles were raised for one sole purpose - to guarantee their owners a spacious and safe life. They served as centres of military, commercial and administrative power. You won't find two castles quite the same. Each one of them is constructed differently, in such a way that would be to the advantage and convenience of their owner. Castles are made up mostly of a variety of buildings, each with a specific purpose, be it a bedroom, gallery, prison, and a hall, for banquets, balls and receptions. To castles»


Of the world's five million lakes, around 500 of them can be found in Austria. 365 of these are accessible for bathing. This means that it's possible to swim in new lake every day of the year! Each of them is unique, whether it's the volume, depth or even the colour of the water. Each is enchanting in their own way and has its own particular charm. Some of the lakes have a dynamic and bustling ambiance, whereas others are exist peacefully in union with nature and yet more are really gems. To lakes»

Alpine ski resorts

In a country which is three quarters mountains, it's a must for skiing to be highly developed and Austria deserves the acknowledgement in this regard. A highly developed ski lift system quickly and carefully brings tourists to the pre-prepared ski routes, where the picturesque mountain views serve only to reinforce the enjoyment from skiing. Various snow parks, ski jumps, ski schools, attractions and a whole host of other places for having a great time make sure that you don't get bored during your winter holidays. What's more, restaurants on mountain tops let you have a break from skiing, whilst admiring the endless expanses around you. To Alpine ski resorts»


It doesn't matter if you're in a large city or a tiny Austrian village, at the bottom of a valley, or high up on the top of a mountain, whether you're surrounded by snow or experiencing a sweltering summer day. Whatever the circumstances, there's something fun for you to do in Austria. Fancy bathing in the open air in winter? Go for it! There are thermal baths waiting for you. What about sledging down a mountainside in summer? No problem! That kind of thing is also possible! To fun»

Viewing platforms

Breathtaking Austrian nature has something to show even the most hardened traveller and, with the amount of heights, there's an abundance of things to look at! Well equipped, comfortable and convenient viewing platforms help you to let go of your thoughts and feel the fresh mountain wind all around you and to enjoy the natural beauty.

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Step by step through lush grass or fallen leaves or, avoiding the ground altogether, across virgin snow. A hike is an activity which lets you be as close to nature as possible. The endless number of routes of various levels of difficulty provides any avid nature lover with a large choice whatever their experience and level of fitness may be. To hikes»